With the rising water table and excessive rain in some areas the need for waterproofing of below ground chambers and structures became necessary from silo and building owners. With the thorough study and testing of a wide range of products, a product for sealing off groundwater was successfully found. The same products are being used in the Mining Industry for almost forty years. With the assistance from the Product Supplier, Delmos personnel were trained in the correct working procedures. The Supplier also assists Delmos in choosing the right products for the correct application

To seal off groundwater seepage through underground chambers and tunnels, the product in grout form is pumped at high pressure through predrilled holes to the outside of the walls.
The product then reacts chemically with the groundwater on the outside to become a flexible, impermeable foam with excellent adhesion to concrete and surrounding rock or gravel, sealing off the flow of water into the structure.


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